Colorado Man Hilariously Runs From Cow Elk, Who Won’t Stop Charging Him

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This man did not want the smoke.

We’ve seen people get absolutely railroaded by bison at Yellowstone National Park here recently, as three incidents happened in one week due to tourists ignoring the park’s warnings to stay at least 25 yards from the creatures.

Not to mention, another bozo tried to run up on a bighorn sheep at Glacier National Park, and was nearly sent to the afterlife after the beast nearly charged at him for a split second.

Needless to say, people trying to mess around with animals that do not want to be bothered is a tale as old as time, and a lot of times, the people get the short end of the stick.

I recently stumbled upon this old video of a dude getting dangerously close to an elk in Estes Park, Colorado.

Now it’s uncertain how these two ended up interacting, but it’s easy to see that the elk was not thrilled with his presence… at all.

You can see the elk charge at the guy at full speed in parts of the video, and the guy looks like he is genuinely fearing for his life, and how could he not? He ducks behind a tree and continues to move behind new forms of course, with the cow elk stalking him the entire way.

If it weren’t for a nearby busy road where the man could easily escape, the situation could’ve ended with him getting run down by this ol’ girl.

In the video, you can hear some bystanders in a car yelling for him to jump in their car so he can get away safely, but he managed to get away without their help.

If you’re familiar with Estes Park, you know elk are all over the place over there, which naturally makes for some hilarious (and potentially dangerous) encounters.


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