13-Year-Old Boy Takes Shark Bite To The Face While Lobster Fishing In Florida

Shark attack

Talk about a terrifying scene out of Florida.

According to FOX 35 Orlando, a 13-year-old kid was out lobster-trapping with his family, when a shark leaped from the waters and bit him in the face.

The kid is Fischer Hricko, who was simply trying to enjoy lobster fishing with his family, as he and his family go down to the Florida Keys during lobster season for tradition.

Luckily enough, Hricko survived the frightening attack, and lived to tell the tale with only some minor injuries:

“I saw a big one, and I got it in my hand. On the way up, when I had the lobster in my hand, I felt a little tap on the back of my leg, and I looked behind me and the shark was in my face.

It was scary, like, I tried getting away, but it was so fast.”

Hricko quickly yanked the shark off his face, and proceeded to swim back to the boat as fast as he could.

His mother, Rhiannon Hricko, also weighed in on the scary scene:

“He just popped up screaming, ‘Mom, mom, shark! Get me out of here! Get me out of the water!

It was honestly the scariest five minutes of my life. Just hearing that terror in your child’s voice, it’s something that I can’t actually get out of my head.”

Fischer’s family then took him back to shore, and took him to an urgent care where he had to get 10 stitches on his top lip.

You would think that the incident would make Fischer never want to step foot in the ocean again (I know it probably would for me), but he says otherwise:

“I’m ready, but I feel like the first few times I’ll be a little scared, but I’ll get in the water.”

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