This Side-By-Side Jet Ski Takes Redneck Engineering To A Whole New Level

What in the redneck invention is this?

You know you have to much money and time when you take two things that work perfectly fine on their own, have separate purposes and cost a lot of money just to make an irreversible invention that’s only purpose is a good laugh.

Man, I love rednecks… who else has this much fun?

We’ve seen it before. There’s the lawnmower toy one made for his son, the boat that can used year round and truck boat conversion. All of which are hilarious, but this takes it to a new level.

This takes it to a whole new level.

A redneck invention is seen coming in hot across the water. It takes a second to fully understand what is happening. Yup, that’s a side-by-side with two Sea-Doos attached to the bottom in place of wheels.

Dubbed Typhoon AUV from the Shadow Six Racing… it seems to work great.

I mean, it looks like it would be a little top heavy and something a person may want to be careful with, but it works and seems like a riot.

If someone had one of these kicking around, I would definitely hop in and see how it drives.

About Shadow Six:

Shadow Six Racing is a group of brilliant minds working together to build the impossible. We specialize in creating some of the worlds most unique motorsports vehicles, and we work hard to blow the minds of our customers with our innovation.

We have roots in engineering, inventing, mechanics, and building world class professional racing personal watercraft. We love pushing the boundary of what what people think is possible, and take inspiration in putting smiles on faces that last forever.

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