Lainey Wilson Delivers Stunning Live Performance Of Current Single, “Heart Like A Truck”

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I love me some Lainey Wilson.

She just released a fantastic new live performance video of “Heart Like A Truck,” which is her current single at country radio.

Produced by Jay Joyce and written by Lainey, Trannie Anderson and Dallas Wilson, it offers a real and honest look in the mirror where the Louisiana native comes to terms with the fact that she’s not perfect and that’s okay.

In a post on Instagram, Lainey shared a clip of the new video along with a caption saying how much it means to her right now:

“This one means a little more right now. Reminding myself and all of you of the strength to be found during hard times. #heartlikeatruck.”

A few days prior to that post, she shared a picture of her and her dad, asking her followers to lift him up in prayer.

She also canceled a couple shows over the weekend, and though she hasn’t shared specifics in terms of what’s going on, we’re definitely keeping Lainey and her family in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time:

Like she says in the song, “good as it is tough, I got a heart like a truck,” and you can feel every bit of the emotion and honesty in her voice during this live performance.

No bells and whistles or anything fancy… just Lainey pouring her heart out and delivering a stellar performance of a great country song:

“Heart Like A Truck”

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