Koe Wetzel’s Bass Player Shares Treasure Trove Of Vintage Videos Of Koe And His Band

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I love a trip down memory lane…

Koe Wetzel’s bass player, Mason, has been sharing tons of cool throwback videos of Koe and the band over on TikTok, and it’s pretty cool to go back through a lot of them and see how far they’ve come since their early days starting out in Texas.

Of course, Koe is probably the biggest act to come of the Texas music scene over the last several years, and consistently puts asses in venues across the country that not many other mainstream country artists could even compare to.

I mean, even Snoop Dogg was impressed with his ticket sales, so that must count for somethin’, right?

But I digress… back to the videos.

This is one of my favorite’s, where we find a baby-faced Koe singin’ a little “Play That Funky Music” after several pitchers of beer…

“Throwback Koe. We were about 10 pitchers of Bud heavies deep.”

And there’s plenty more where that came from on his feed, like this vintage 2016 video of Koe and the band performing “February 28th, 2016”:

Here’s a weekend recap video from 2015 when Koe Wetzel and The Konvicts were out on the road:

@masethebass #koewetzel #koewetzelandthekonvicts #koewetzelmusic #masethebass #odisp #slim #easy #janetthevan ♬ Song I Can Drink Too – Koe Wetzel

Though I’m (impatiently) awaiting the announcement of his next album, which he dropped the first and only single for so far back in April, this is probably the second best thing to new music we could get.

Make sure you click on over to his page for more vintage Koe… you won’t be disappointed.

“April Showers”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock