Kentucky Police Officer Says Chris Stapleton Desperate To Help Out With Flood Relief: “No Job Was Too Small Or Beneath Him”

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Chris Stapleton is a class act in every sense of the term.

He’s been on the ground in his home state of Kentucky for a few days now, pitching in to help wherever he can and even stopping by the local Walmart to buy supplies for the flood victims.

Late last week and earlier this week, eastern Kentucky was hammered with rain, resulting in catastrophic flooding that’s left at more than 30 people dead, and 100s more that have not been found.

The damage has been completely devastating, and just yesterday, Chris was photographed with the Franklin County Sheriff’s department, as he joined in wherever he could to help local officials.

Mariah Curry shared a glowing post about Chris on Facebook, as her husband, Logan, is an officer for the Franklin department.

She said that Logan couldn’t get over how helpful and willing Chris was to do whatever was necessary, and that he wanted to be “God’s hands in feet for the people who need help the most right now”:

“Logan is back in Knott Co today and had an extra set of hands in Chris Stapleton!

Logan could not express more how bad Chris wanted to help with anything, literally anything. No job was too small or beneath him.

This man loves Eastern KY and he wanted to be gods hands and feet for the people who need help the most right now!”

I don’t think you can get higher praise than that, and it just goes to show that, while Chris is an absolutely incredible musician (and that’s probably an understatement), he’s an even better person.

You can check out her post here:

Knott County Schools also shared a post of Chris working with local law enforcement that same day, with photos of them moving items out of the damaged homes which were flooded days prior:

“Chris Stapleton, Josh Richardson-Kentucky State Police, Deputies from Knott County Sheriff Department, and Officer from Shelbyville helping in community to move items out of houses!!”

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Rolling up your sleeves and helping out your community when they need it the most… respect. Chris Stapleton is one of the good ones, there’s no doubt about that.

Fellow country star Tyler Childers was also seen in Letcher county over the weekend, helping locals in that community try to clean up some of the damage from record flood levels, as well.

And not only is Chris showing up to help his fellow Kentuckians in the flesh, his charity Outlaw State Of Kind has also pledged to donate funds to the Kentucky Red Cross, as well as the Appalachia Crisis Fund.

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