Colorado Fisherman Snaps 75-Year-Old State Record For Largest Brook Trout

A man holding a fish

As they say, records are meant to broken…

It took 75 years for the Colorado brook trout record to be broken, but after a mixture of lucky cards and skill, Tim Daniel of Granby, Colorado can finally say the brook trout record is his.

According to New York Post, Daniel reeled in a 7.84-pound brook trout back in May on Monarch Lake, and on Friday, the record was officially his, as it was deemed official by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

The original record stood at 7.63-pounds back in 1947, and Colorado fishermen alike have been looking to break the elusive record since.

During the time of the catch on May 23rd, he was with his friend Karen and his dog Moose, and at the time, he had no idea what kind of gem he had on his hands when he reeled in the massive brook trout:

“I had no intention of breaking a record. I wasn’t sure what I had hooked, but I knew it was big.”

CPW Aquatic Biologist Jon Ewart inspected and measured the soon-to-be record breaking fish the day of, and was finally confirmed at 23.25 inches long, and 15.375 inches around.

Ewart weighed in on the catch:

“It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving angler than Tim. He’s just one of  those guys that is always out there on the water and as a result, he has an intimate knowledge of the subtle details necessary to be so successful.”

Daniels continued:

“I’ve fished waters in Northwest Colorado for many years, and I have landed some big fish. 

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of CPW aquatic biologists, Northwest Colorado has some of the best fisheries in the state.”

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