Canadian Hunters Witness White Bull Moose Come Running After Downed Cow

white moose in the woods

This is what dreams are made of.

I mean, it just doesn’t happen. For hunters, it’s one of those true “once-in-a-lifetime” occurrences. Not only did these folks see a white moose, but to have it happen during a hunt makes the odds even lower.

Not only is this a rare animal, but it is also a smasher of a bull moose. This beast has some monster paddles.

It’s one of those things most hunters dream of seeing, not shooting. In fact, it’s actually illegal to shoot them in some areas.

This group of hunters was out for a fall moose hunt near Foleyet, in Ontario, Canada, when they downed a cow moose for a successful hunt. What came next was even more wild than the hunt. A bull white moose came out chasing the cow they had just downed.

The monster bull is seen in the video just staring at the people. He’s probably so mad that he didn’t get to the cow in time. The poor lad only gets a few weeks a year to get busy.

The bull just keeps staring them down for the whole video.

Good thing he didn’t come out first. Even though he’s rare, it would still be hard for some hunters to pass on this majestic beast.

“White Bull moose, near Foleyet. My daughter shot the cow… her first moose! The bull ran around a small opening to come look for his cow.”

Talk about a hunt they will remember forever though.

White Bull moose Fall 2016

White Bull moose, near Foleyet. My Daughter shot the Cow..her First Moose!….. the bull ran around a small opening to come look for his Cow

Posted by Doug Tapi on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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