Whiskey Riff Song Of The Week: “First Thing I Reach For” By Ashley McBryde

AShley Mcbryde country music

Happy Monday, y’all.

Today for the Song of the Week, we have a tune called “First Thing I Reach For” by the great Ashley McBryde.

From her 2020 fourth studio Never Will, “First Thing” is a deep cut from the tracklist that was written by Ashley along with Randall Clay and Mick Holland.

She details the struggle in caving to your vices when you know it’s the last thing you need, and the opening verse sums it up perfectly:

“Brown liquor in black coffee puts my headache off for now
The hurt last night put on me still spinning me around
And now that I’ve a smoke, even though I can hardly breathe
The first thing I reach for is the last thing I need…”

I mean, I think we’ve all been there a time or two, and I’ve always thought this was one of Ashley’s most underrated songs.

So if you’ve never heard it before and are still recovering from the weekend, make sure you turn this one up today:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock