Whiskey Myers Drops Space Western Music Video For “John Wayne,” Starring Danny Trejo

Whiskey Myers country music

And I thought I’d seen some badass music videos in my time…

I’ve been spinning this new Whiskey Myers Tornillo album like a mad man the past couple days, and how could I not? They’re the best southern rock group in the game right now, and the new album offers a unique spin on their original sound for all the right reasons.

Not to mention, the album was recorded at the iconic Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Texas, which of course inspired the title.

Whiskey Myers kicked off the hype for the new project with the release of “John Wayne” as the lead single back in February, setting the “big band” tone for what was to come.

With that being said, they recently dropped one of the most legendary music videos I may have ever watched.

Kicking off with a hilarious Star Wars like intro, the video transitions to no other than famed actor and beloved tough guy Danny Trejo, who portrays one of the bad guys.

Sure enough, Whiskey Myers makes an appearance, as they do a quick little hilarious dance routine in cowboy getup.

They then proceed to take on the criminals themselves.

If you gotta pulse, there’s a 100% chance you’ll get a kick out of this one… it’s Tarantino Western, meets space cowboy, meets awesome.

Check it out:

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