If You’ve Ever Wanted To Live In A Guitar-Shaped House, One Just Hit The Market In Georgia

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You may think you’re country, but are you this country?

According to 11Alive, a recent post to the housing market in Fayetteville, Georgia features this 5-bedroom, 4-bathroom, guitar-shaped home.

The listing agent for the new property said that the home is recently renovated and that they are looking for a “true connoisseur” to make the purchase.

And by true connoisseur, she must mean someone who makes decent dividends from their guitar-hobby, because the house is listed for a whopping $789,000.

According to the listing agent, the home was designed by country music singer Elvis Carden, who must have been so inspired by the architecture that he wrote a song titled, “Living In An Old Guitar.”

The sad melody includes the lyrics:

I’m living in an old guitar,
A six-string is my home,
Honey, I hate to hurt you,
From the things I do wrong,
Broken dreams and promises,
And time away from home,
Just for me to play you your favorite country song…”

And although Carden’s song seemed to be a metaphor for life amid the music journey, you can actually experience “living in an old guitar” for the bargain, inflation price of just under $800,000.

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