Buck Nearly Drowns After Antlers Get Tangled In River Battle, Rescued By Veterinarian

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This would be a hard one to help with.

Two bucks stuck together in the middle of river? It certainly adds to the danger of the situation. Trying to do anything like this in deep water with a highly agitated animals bucking and fighting for its dear life with massive antlers on its head isn’t the easiest of tasks.

But, doing that as a job also doesn’t sound that bad.

It’s also nice to see people helping wildlife, especially a beauty buck like this one.

A veterinarian and his son were called out river where two bucks had locked their antlers and were struggling for life. The loaded up all the necessary tools and headed out to the scene.

The pair of men paddle out to the bucks, one of which is dead at this point with the other freaking out. The get ahold of the pair and try to cut off one of the antlers with a saw. The living buck freaks out as its nearly cut. They then paddle around chasing them trying to knock the antler off with the blunt end of an axe.

Yes, this is some crazy stuff. Nature is a violent place where one buck might kill another and then the pair of them could possibly drown.

Every time the man hits the antlers the living buck loses its mind.

I can’t really blame it, I’m sure it would make its head ring a good amount with some whacking the bone growing out of your head…

Finally, they get one antler free, then go to work of the other side.

The pull and the pair and after a while the deer bucks itself up nice and high and gets his second antler free. He runs off into the woods and is free to go.

This is some impressive stuff. They did from a small boat, with a wild buck jumping and somehow managed to not fall out.

Men Rescue Deer With Head Stuck In The Fence, Jumps Off Bridge Seconds Later

Wildlife does some pretty crazy stuff.

And sometimes, it’s just flat out hard to watch.

These animals are going to increasingly find themselves in more urban areas as we continue to expand our cities and towns around the country. The thing is, it’s not a natural environment for these animals.

So, it’s understandable that they get worked up, confused, frightened and even aggressive trying to navigate their ever-changing environments.

My guess, which is as good as any, would be this deer was in full-on panic mode and made some pretty terrible decisions.

WARNING: If you don’t like seeing an animal in any sort of discomfort, please just move along to another post… this one is pretty messed up.

The video, coming to us from Montreal, Canada, starts with two men working on a deer with its head stuck in a fence. A rather comical situation no doubt. I mean, how does it go through so easy, and yet, getting it back through so hard?

One of the men is pulling and guiding the other what way to move. The other man using a pole for some leverage.


The deer lets out a massive moan as they give a good tug. Its head pops through the fence and the deer takes off running and shaking its head.

The crowd is all happy to have helped out, a job well done. These fellas rescued a deer today, and I imagine they can’t wait to get home and tell their wives/girlfriends about the deer rescue they performed today.

The joy only lasts a short while though… in a matter of seconds, they watch the deer run off and he cuts a hard left and takes the leap of his life, the last one at that.


The deer jumps straight off a bridge. The crowd runs over to see how the deer faired.

“That’s fucked up, after all that.”

“Oh, he’s fucked”

The deer has landed on the pavement, breathing his last breaths. No one wants to see this deer suffer…

Saving the deer from the rails of the bridge, only for it to die over the edge… tragic and ironic.

As they say, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

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