Utah Hiker Tries To Convince Mountain Lion He’s Just “Going Away” As It Stalks Him For 5 Terrifying Minutes

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Welp, that will most definitely get the blood pumping.

A hiker in Utah documented a tense situation as he was stalked by a mountain lion while exploring Broads Fork Trail.

“I was hiking Broads Fork Trail up Big Cottonwood Canyon (a trail I’ve hiked frequently) when I heard noise behind me and I saw a cougar.”

That’s about the time you shit a brick.

He adds:

“I faced the cougar and proceeded to back up and try to make myself big and talk calmly to the cougar.”

After watching the video, I’m not totally sure this fella got the sound “big and calm” part down, but can you blame the guy?

He detailed how the encounter ended, saying:

“The cougar periodically would sprint at me and hiss and show its teeth. She probably was about 10 feet away at her closest.

The encounter lasted about 5 minutes and I have about 2 minutes of it on video. Eventually, she gave up pursuing me and I made it away safely.”

“I PROMISE I’M NOT GONNA BUG YOU! I’M GOING AWAY!” maybe didn’t sound big and calm, but the guy didn’t get torn to pieces, so there’s a win.

Check it out.

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