Frustrated Mama Bear Ragdolls Her Cub Trying To Get Across The Road In Alaska

A bear crossing the street

Mother bears have some sort of job to do.

They have a wild little cub or cubs to feed, watch and teach in a world that is constantly trying to knock them down. Another bear might come along and have the cubs for lunch or there might be not much food around.

Then throw in a little human interaction into the mix to make it really difficult for the mother. Bears generally avoid human interaction at all costs. And when interactions happen, most of them are pure curiosity.

Either way it makes things interesting.

Human interactions these days result in some pretty hilarious videos surfacing of these incredibly intelligent animals.

This mother bear in Alaska was seen fighting her way across a rode as a car stopped to watch them. As she tries to get to the other side she notices her cub is not complying like she would like it too. She turns back with the frustration only a mother could have and grabs the cub by the scruff of its neck absolutely ragdolling it to the other side.

“Oh, she’s getting mad”

As the cub picks itself up it looks like the mother is scolding it.

It seems to be listening after that though as they take off back into the woods.

Good ol’ motherly love. It’s all for the benefit of the cub in the end.

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