Clip Of Paul Sorvino Saying He’d Kill Harvey Weinstein Goes Viral After His Passing: “I Will Kill The Motherf*cker”

Paul Sorvino with a bald head

A few days back, we learned the tragic news that Goodfellas star actor Paul Sorvino had passed away at the age of 83 due to natural causes.

Needless to say, from the multitude of responses from fans, friends, and celebrities alike, it’s easy to see he was beloved by all.

Now I’ll admit, I’ve never seen Goodfellas, and was more of a CSI and Criminal Minds guy than Law & Order, so I can’t say I’m very familiar with Sorvino’s work in the past.

However, as people are bringing back Sorvino’s best moments, there’s one badass video that’s made me gain a billion times more respect for the guy.

Back in 2018, it was discovered that his daughter, Mira Sorvino, was one of the victims of sexual harassments and subsequent blacklisting at the hands of movie mogul, sex offender, and all around disgusting, scum of Earth dude, Harvey Weinstein.

TMZ ran into Paul after the news broke, and needless to say, he gives the ultimate dad response imaginable, saying:

“He oughta hope he goes to jail, because if we come across, I think he’ll be lying on the floor somehow, magically.

He’s gonna go to jail, oh yeah. That son of a bitch, and good for him if he goes because if not he has to meet me. And I will kill the motherfucker.”

He also added that if he had known about it, Harvey might’ve rolled into court instead of walked:

“If I had known it, he would not be walking, he’d be in a wheelchair…

I was furious, absolutely furious. My daughter is a wonderful person, courageous and a wonderful human being and doesn’t deserve to be treated hat way by this pig. And this pig will get his comeuppance.

He’s gonna go to jail, he’s gonna die in jail and if he doesn’t… Harvey come here, I have some news for ya.”


I’d like to think every dad would take this stance if they ever found out their child was in a horrible situation like this, but not everybody has the courage to say it on camera… especially in Hollywood where Harvey was handing out half the checks.

Gotta love it.

Here’s one more for the road:

“Anyone who takes advantage of women should be publicly strangled and I’ll volunteer.”

Paulie Cicero… a legend.


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