This Future Grandpa’s Reaction Is Priceless When He Finds A “Coming Soon” Message In New Fishing Bag

Fishing grandpa

Well, this is one way to make your dad cry happy tears.

For those who have grown up around fishing, you know that some of the best bonding moments with your dad or grandpa were spent with a rod and reel. Just a couple wonderful hours by the lake, the river, the ocean… wherever you’re from.

Needless to say, this future father was ready to return the favor to his own dad, by using a tiny fishing bag to reveal that him and his wife are about to have a baby.

Kyleigh Shepherd shared the heartwarming video on TikTok, and boy, the future grandpa’s reaction will have you sweatin’ from your eyes.

The video caption read:

“My father-in-law thought my husband was just showing him his new fishing bag.”

However, this was no ordinary fishing bag, because it had a “Coming Soon” message written inside.

Once it finally hit him, he shouts:

“Ahhhh! No! Oh my goodness… Oh my goodness! Boy, I’ve been waiting on some of these. Check that out. Yes ma’am.”

Perhaps the best part was that he didn’t tell his wife what he had discovered inside the fishing bag, and although she was nervous to see at first, she eventually started crying happy tears once it finally hit her as well.

She yelled:

“I knew it. I kept telling you that!”

So for all you fishermen out there who’ve been looking for a way to tell your parents that you and your significant other, here’s a great idea.


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