Oblivious Guy Lays Passed Out In The Grass While Two Moose Wander Around Him In Breckenridge, Colorado

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Imagine chilling on the lawn, soaking up the sun, and you end up dozing off for a few minutes…

And you’re awakened by a massive moose stomping on your head.

That’s just something you don’t see here in South Carolina. Ever. Or the southeast in general…

However, if you’re in the Breckenridge, Colorado area, this might just happen to you if you aren’t too careful.

For one Breckenridge man at the Blue River Plaza, he was completely KO’d on the lawn on Monday, when a bystander noticed a couple of moose making their way from the parking lot, and trotting directly towards the passed out dude.

According to the Summit Daily, Sara Cox, the owner of The Crown, was hanging out on the shop’s back patio when she witnessed the unusual event unfold.

She didn’t want to be too loud while trying to wake the man up to warn him, knowing it could potentially make the situation dangerous if she spooked the moose, but the dude just remained out cold.

She told the outlet:

“Me and a couple of people, we were unsure how to react. We don’t want to startle the moose, but we were trying to wake the guy up by calling out to him. But he slept through the whole thing.”

Christie Stinger, another witness of the event, said something similar:

“I just have always heard not to startle them. It’s just common sense to me. Again, I didn’t want him to get up and catch their attention by moving too quickly, so I just didn’t say anything.”

Although the moose were quite close to the cashed out guy, they never got uncomfortably close, or tried to sniff him.

They just made their way to the Riverwalk Center and along the river.

Moose can be pretty aggressive and are known to charge, stomp, and kick at people who get too close to their space… or their young. But luckily, that wasn’t the case here.

Stinger said she left to go get a smoothie, but when she returned, the guy was still passed out.

Sleeping? Maybe…

But arms spread out, flat on his back… this screams “I just took a 100mg edible by mistake and lost all control of my body.” Put on a little Sturgill Simpson in th earbuds and float off to Pluto for the foreseeable future.

Only in Colorado…

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