Nashville Bouncer Jumps Out The Window Of A Broadway Bar To Tackle A Man Pulling A Gun On Police

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This is just another level of badass.

A bouncer at a Nashville bar likely prevented a bad situation from getting much, much worse due to his heroic actions on Music City’s Lower Broadway.

It all started this past Friday, July 22 when a fight broke out in front of Lucky Bastard Saloon.

Michael Kuhn, a bouncer at Lucky Bastard, was standing in one of the bar’s windows about four feet off the ground and watching the situation unfold when he saw one of the men from the altercation move below the window and reach into his bag, pulling out a gun.

According to Kuhn, he knew what the man had in mind:

“For me, that was clear intent that he planned on using that on Metro PD.”

That’s when Kuhn leapt into action – quite literally. He quickly jumped out of the window of the bar and onto the man’s back, which caused the gun to fall out of the his hand and slide away out of reach.

“I assume he had no good intentions with that, and I just jumped on it from the window, held him down and yelled gun until PD came over…

I wasn’t going to let him shoot a bunch of cops in the back.”

The man, later identified as 19-year old Cristopher Quintero of nearby Antioch, Tennessee was ultimately arrested and charged with six counts of aggravated assault against a first responder with a deadly weapon, as well as unlawful gun possession, possession of a gun under the influence, public intoxication and marijuana possession.

Quintero’s bond was set at $53,000, and a search of the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office active inmates shows that he appears to have been released from custody.

As for Kuhn, the bouncer says that his quick thinking comes from his 20 years of service in the military:

“Sometimes you just see those situations, and the training just allows you to react and you just do.”

That’s a damn hero right there.

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