Brecken Merrill, AKA Tate Dutton On ‘Yellowstone,’ Reveals His Dog, Betty White, Was Attacked By A Pit Bull

Brecken Merril Yellowstone

You hate to see a poor dog get hurt like this.

Yellowstone star Brecken Merrill, who plays Kayce and Monica Dutton’s son Tate on the show, shared on his Instagram account a heartbreaking picture of his Parson Russell Terrier, named Betty White, with a cone around her head after getting attacked by a pit bull.

The 14-year-old explained how it all went down in the post:

“Poor sweet Betty is a hero! We were having a picnic in the backyard when a pit bull came charging through the fence. Seren (Brecken’s sister) screamed and ran (she knows better but panicked) and the pit went into a frenzy and locked onto Betty.

We all tried to save her, I’ll spare you the horrific details, we finally got her free and rushed her to the vet. She’s the luckiest dog in the world.

Only superficial wounds. She’s in a lot of pain but we expect a full recovery.

Please please please let this be a reminder to keep your dogs secured ESPECIALLY if they have violent inclinations to other dogs/kids. There were 2 other dogs at the vet who had been attacked by off-leash dogs.”


Although it always hurts to see a poor dog get attacked, it’s good to see ol’ Betty is recovering from her injuries.

Yellowstone season five is gearing up to premiere on November 13th, and it appears that Merrill has been on break from filming for the time being.

Explore John Dutton’s relationship with Tate in Paramount Network’s “A Grandpa’s Story.”

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