Yellowstone Perfectly Sums Up Why The Ladies Love John Dutton

John Dutton yellowstone

Damn it, Yellowstone, stop teasing us with sentimental moments from past seasons.

Yellowstone’s YouTube channel released a video today titled “Why We All Love John Dutton” and it perfectly sums up all the moments as to why every woman on planet Earth has a crush on John Dutton.

You’re lying to yourself if you read that last sentence and thought to yourself, “No, I don’t.”

Yes, you do. We all subconsciously do, whether you choose to admit it or not.

Portrayed by the great Kevin Costner, John Dutton processes features I think we all wish we had ourselves or we have someone that processes them in our life.

He is loyal, a father, a grandfather, a hard worker, a mentor, an activist, has cowboy charm, and a downright good-looking man.

John Dutton is the picture-perfect image of hard ass and softy in one. He knows who is important to him and will protect them at all costs.

The short and charming video takes a walk through previous seasons with some tender John Dutton moments… further proof that the ladies just love John Dutton.

“Just try to watch this without smiling. It’s easy loving John Dutton. Yellowstone Season 5 returns November 13.”

I have a feeling in my stomach that our love for John Dutton will grow even more this next season.

Here are some other great John Dutton moments if that first video strikes a chord with you.

“Life According to John Dutton”

“Kevin Costner’s Best John Dutton Moments”

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