Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s 1997 Realtree Commercial Is An All-Time Classic

Dale Earnhardt NASCAR

Dale Earnhardt has some of the best commercials I’ve ever seen.

Though I’ll forever be partial to his Sun Drop ad from the early ’90s, he filmed one for his longtime sponsor Realtree in 1997 that’s a pretty damn close second.

Starring Dale Sr. and Bill Jordan, who is the creator of Realtree and the host of the Monster Bucks video series and the Realtree Outdoors television show, you see Sr. go from driving on the track and winning a race to heading straight for the woods to hunt.

Car owner Richard Childress also makes an appearance in the ad, announcing that his driver is leaving and skipping victory lane to go hunt, taking the race car with him.

You see a shot of Bill standing in the woods waiting for Sr., and when he asks him if he has his camo on, Sr. takes off his fire suit to reveal that he has his Realtree on underneath, which he says he never goes anywhere without.

And when Bill inquires about what took Dale so long to get there, Sr. replies:

“I had to drive 500 miles to get here.”

You seriously can’t not smile when you watch this… it’s an all-time classic:

And if you want to read a good ol’ Intimidator hunting story, make sure you check this one out about the time he went pheasant hinting with his son, Dale Jr.

And of course, the glorious Sun Drop ad:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock