Couple Catches Some Kind Of Weird Donkey-Toothed Fish On Vacation In Mexico

A fish with a mouth

What in the world is this nonsense?

It’s no secret that there are some weird lookin’, and even terrifying creatures that live at the depths of the ocean.

Seriously, when you’re fishing out there, you never know what in the world might be on the end of that line.

Just like this ugly thing, for example.

According to For The Win, a Lithuanian couple was fishing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, when they reeled in a fish that has teeth bigger than donkey denchers.

Rutha Gudo captured the wild catch on film, and found it so bizarre that the couple felt the need to post it to the Talk Baja Facebook page, as they didn’t even know what kinda fish it could be.

Although many came at the couple for how they displayed the fish, the odd looking fish was identified as a Bullseye puffer.

According to Mexican-Fish, the Bullseye puffer is found in the Eastern Pacific from Baja California to Peru, and also the Galapagos Islands. They have distinct markings, and ginormous teeth. Their flesh is also poisonous so they are dangerous to eat.

They’re also tiny fish, as the world record for Bullseye puffers sits at two pounds, eight ounces, which was caught in Puerto Penasco, Mexico in 2021.

Posted by Ruta Gudo on Sunday, July 24, 2022

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