Woman Pulls Pesky Groundhog Out Of Her Car And Flings It Across A Field

Groundhog removal

Yup, this lady has some guys

Not everybody is willing to grab onto a rodent with a set of pliers.

These groundhogs can be a huge pest. They reproduce quickly and tend to have huge populations if there aren’t many predators around to keep them at bay.

They love to make dens in anything that they can get into. If you have them around your house, they are always trying to get in any hole in it, in your yard and they even like to climb up under vehicles when they can.

So, naturally there has to be the odd video of people dealing with the little pests.

This one popped up and women getting up into her wheel-well holding a set of pliers in hand. It looks like she’s going in to do a little maintenance work on the car.

She gets ahold of something in there and starts to pull with both hands. A groundhog’s head pokes out from the top of the wheel. The woman gives it a big tug as it slips out from the car.

All in one motion the woman swings it around and flings it just like she’s competing in the hammer toss. You can hear the people start to laugh as the groundhog flies through the air and lands in the field.

I bet that’s the last this groundhog will try to get into this car. Poor lad was peeled out with pliers and then thrown halfway across a field.

That’s the price you pay for being a pest, I guess.

Also… did that kid just say, “that bitch is big?”

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