Rooster Fights Off An Attacking Hawk To Protect His Hens In Missouri Backyard

A black bird with a red head

A rooster is the king of the coop, and there’s a reason why there’s only one in a crowd.

They like having all of those hens around them to themselves.

Naturally, that can cause them to have some aggression toward anything that tries to take his girls away from him.

That is showcased perfectly in this video. Usually, it’s a rooster fighting another rooster, or maybe an angry one taking a run at a person. This one though, he decided he would fight a hawk to protect his crew.

The coopers hawk swoops into a backyard in Kansas City, Missouri, to get ahold of some hens. The rooster immediately goes to work and makes himself as large as possible charging the hawk. The hawk dodges it and gets chased up off the ground.

It thinks for a second then goes after a hen again. You can see feathers start to fly but in comes this rooster again. He chases the hawk down and gets him pinned down as he sends a flurry of kicks at it.

I guess it was enough to scare the predator off as it didn’t end up with any of the hens in hand. Hopefully it was a good enough scare to keep the bird out of the yard for good.

I bet that rooster got some lovin’ that night.

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