Watch Shea From ‘1883’ Relive His Haunting Days Fighting In The Civil War

Sam Elliott 1883

As we inch closer and closer to the premiere date of Yellowstone season four, along with the show’s prequel series 1923, the show continues to keep us on the edge of our seats by dropping these rerun videos.

We’ve seen videos of the evolution of certain characters throughout Yellowstone, like Ryan Bingham’s character Walker, and Carter, played by Finn Little, along with several other videos reliving the best moments on the Dutton Ranch.

The show has also shared a number of videos from 1883, and they’re back at it again today with “Shea’s Dream,” reliving the PTSD Sam Elliott’s character Shea suffers from.

If you need a refresher, Shea fought in the Civil War, where he saw a countless number of lives lost, and it still haunted him to the day he died on the show.

The first half of the video shows Elsa Dutton and the love of her life Ennis shooting the shit and flirting up a storm as they watch over the cattle, when her father James (Tim McGraw) catches them, and confronts them.

Then, it transitions to Shea’s dream, reliving his days on the battlefield, where he ultimately wakes up terrified.

Thomas (LaMonica Garrett) is there to console him, considering he fought in the war as well.

Check it out:

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