Security Guard Railroads Angry Fan Who Climbed On Stage After Kid Rock Concert Was Canceled

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Wild scene in Minot, North Dakota, last night.

According to TMZ, the crowd got out of control after the Kid Rock concert was abruptly canceled last night due to weather.

Set to headline the North Dakota State Fair, his show was delayed nearly two hours and then around 11:00pm, an officer from the Ward County Sheriff’s Department made the announcement that the show was going to be canceled.

Needless to say, the crowd of 18,000 was PISSED… and probably quite a few beers deep by then.

The pelted the stage with beer cans and other trash, but the highlight of the night was when some dude climbed in the stage, seeming to want some kind of explanation.

But before he could get in the face of a crewmember, he was absolutely speared from behind by a member of the security team. I mean, we’re talking a Bill Goldberg in his prime kind of spearing.

It looked like TJ Watt blindsiding a quarterback for a 12 yard loss.

And UGLY scene…

The North Dakota State Fair released a statement promising to refund tickets, however the damage had already been done.

Seems like a few people left the venue in the back of a cop car…

And speaking of tackles and Watts, remember when TJ’s brother JJ tackled a guy on stage at the Zac Brown concert?

While it was clearly set up, it was still a pretty wild moment…

However, nothing takes the cake quite like this Cody Jinks show…

Cody Jinks Fan Gets Tazed

Back in 2019, Cody Jinks put on one helluva show in Albany, Georgia, and that crowd got WILD.

During a thunderous performance of “Loud & Heavy”  some kind of altercation broke out… literally on the stage.

Security is involved, Cody’s crew is involved, MULTIPLE police officers are there, even pulling out the tasers to take down this big middle linebacker lookin’ SOB. You can’t really see what’s happening behind the rack, but it appears as though the female officer hit him with the taser and he nearly shook it off before he was taken to the ground and finally put in cuffs.

And while this whole circus is going on stage right, Cody Jinks doesn’t miss a single note.

Belting out “loud thunder heavy rain,” guitars driving hard, punches are being thrown, tasers are in full effect, the crowd is going fucking bonkers… it almost seems like it was scripted for dramatic effect.

As Cody Jinks said at the end of the song, “it’s been a wild one for a Thursday night.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock