Carrie Underwood Shares Adorable Video Of Herself As A Little Girl Singing Patty Loveless’ 90’s Hit, “Blame It On Your Heart”

Carrie Underwood country music

Carrie Underwood’s always been able to sing the heck outta some 90’s country.

She shared an adorable video of herself as a little girl singing Patty Loveless’ 1993 hit “Blame It on Your Heart” earlier, which also included a portion of her recent performance of the song for the Grand Ole Opry’s “Opry Loves The ’90s” experience.

From May 16th to the end of 2022, the iconic country music venue will host a new interactive tour exhibition, special in-show Opry programming, ’90s themed Opry Plaza Parties, and surprise artist collaborations, all dedicated to the good ol’ days of country music.

Carrie will sing the 90’s hit this Saturday night (from a prerecorded performance), and from what I can tell in her post, it will not disappoint. I mean, we all know she could sing the phonebook and make it sound incredible.

“Blame It on Your Heart” was written by Harlan Howard and Kostas and included as the lead single to Patty’s 1993 Only What I Feel record, and ultimately peaked at #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

And it’s evident here that Carrie was destined to be a star… but it’s really crazy that she sounded that good and had so much stage presence before she was even in the double digits:

“How it started, how it’s going. Watch Opry Live: Opry Loves the 90s Saturday night at 9/8c on Circle All Access, YouTube or Facebook.”

“Blame It On Your Heart”

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