This Country Rapper Owes George Strait An Apology For Butchering “Carrying Your Love With Me”

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What in the damn hell did I just watch…

We’ve seen some absolute abominations in the country music world, but man, this dude is brining the country rap cringe to a whole other level… and disgracing the King of Country Music while doing it.

I assume TikTok probably loves this guy, who refers to himself as “Travis Scott meets Travis Tritt,”,but for me, I think he just might’ve ruined George Strait’s classic, “Carrying Your Love With Me,” for me, forever.

Okay, that might be a little dramatic, but I have a good feeling that if Strait heard this “remake,” he’d have drown himself in a bottle of delicious tequila just to numb the pain in his ears.

His song “Carrying Your Love” starts off with some gross auto-tune sample of the chorus from George Strait’s hit song, and Morris adds in some shoddy rap lyrics over a corny beat that’ll have your body so tense, you may need to go to the hospital.

Here’s a few examples:

“Ay, hop up in this front seat, we gon’ ride out”

“Yeah, and you know I’m down to ride, girl”

“Ay girl, have you ever been Grand Canyon chasing?”


Apologize to George right now.


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A beer bottle on a dock