Only In Alaska… Does A Man Make A Moose Antler Skateboard

This lad seems like the type that would be fun to knock a few back with.

I mean, if you’re the type of fella that comes up with absolutely ridiculous ideas like this, yet they actually work, I definitely want to have a few and see what comes out of it. You can be certain there will be a good time involved.

Every year moose shed their antlers, and finding them is a favorite pastime of outdoor enthusiasts because frankly, it’s just cool to come across them.

However, once you have a moose antler, your options are rather limited. In most places the sale of antlers is fairly restricted or completely prohibited so that there is not a large incentive for poachers to kill and cut of any antlers.

In the end there are usually only a couple options: put the antler in a room on a wall or find a creative way to make something with it.

Making something with one usually is a carving, crib board or a knife handle.

This guy was tired of the same old same old though… and I’m here for it.

A man is on video skateboarding down an Alaskan street on the ol’ the Alaskan special… a big ol’ moose antler ‘paddle’.

The antler is seemingly perfect for this. The man has attached trucks and wheels to the bottom and is skating along just fine on the antler.

I gotta say, I have a perfect one for this sitting at home. And what would be a better laugh with the boys than strapping some wheels on it and going for a ride?

Since you can’t eat antlers, might as well make a skateboard, I guess.

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