Buddhist Monk Was Pulled Over For Drunk Driving, Told Police That Whiskey Prevented Him From Catching COVID

Monk whiskey

Ol’ monk went off the rails, aye?

Phra Thanakorn is a Buddhist monk from Thailand, who apparently likes to cut loose and have himself a good time every now and then.

Who can blame him? All he can do is sit in solitude and pray and reflect, and you can imagine that man probably likes to wind down (or wind up, in this instance) every time he gets the chance.

Unfortunately, Thanakorn decided to get behind the wheel after a little too much whiskey, and got pulled over by Thai police.

However, according to the New York Post, the 63-year-old had himself a damn good excuse in an effort to get off easy from the cops.

And the excuse?

He told the police that whiskey helps prevent you from getting COVID-19.

Hell yeah, brother. I’m right there with ya…

Police Lt. Col. Peerapong Raksi told the Viral Press:

“He was drunk but told officers the whiskey prevented him from catching COVID-19.”

Apparently the monk was making a scene around town too before he got caught driving erratically, as he was allegedly stumbling around a market asking people for money.

Peerapong said:

“The residents told us that a monk was causing mayhem in the market, so we sent officers to check.”

Once the monk realized his COVID-19 prevention excuse wasn’t working, he then admitted he was overtaken by the “holy spirit.”

The monk also explained:

“I took a slice of lime with the whiskey, but I had to drive because our driver had an accident.”

Peerapong then reported the monk to the abbot at the Mabinthabat Temple, where Thanakorn worked.

Monks are reportedly not allowed to touch any kind of liquor, so needless to say, Thanakorn may be out of a job. The monk was reportedly relieved of his duties at the temple, disrobed and excommunicated from the monkshood.

Going out with a bang, I see…

It is unknown if he was penalized for his actions or not, as he could face fines up to 200,000 baht, which is equivalent to $5,500 here in the U.S., and a prison sentence up to 10 years.

Not sure why, but it reminded me of the hilarious monk scene from Anger Management. Sounds like this monk and Pana Kamanana could be friends…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock