Youth Basketball Referee Sucker Punches Parent After Coach Initiates On Court Brawl

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We’ve all at least competed in, or watched a little league baseball, basketball, or football game, and saw a parent absolutely go bonkers on an official or coach.

You know, little Jimmy struck out looking for the 50th time of the season, and dad is up in the stands is absolutely losing it on the umpire for calling it a strike.

We see situations like this all too often, and it’s a bad look for the parents and embarrassing as hell for the kid.

However, this might be the first time I’ve seen an official actually fight back in a youth sports game… in fact, he threw the first punch.

At an AAU basketball game at the OKC Center in Edmond, Oklahoma, you can see a coach is extremely heated after a “bad call” from the referee, so he walks out to half court and gets in his face. Maybe gives him a little bit of headbutt (it’s hard to tell).

The ref isn’t having any of it an immediately throws a punch at the coach… all hell ensues.

For the most part, just about everybody was trying to break it up, and get the coaches, parents and referees separated, however one dad ended up eating a big ol’ sucker punch from the other referee.

On the other angle you can see a man, who appears to be a parent, grab the ref who threw the first punch to hold him back, but things turn south and those two start squaring up to throw punches.

And once he does, the other referee runs over out of nowhere and punches him straight across his head, knocking him out cold.

Nevertheless, it looks like refs are officially getting sick of being attacked verbally and physically while doing their job.

That being said… on-court brawls in front of these kids is never the answer.

Remember folks… THIS ISN’T THE NBA… your kid probably sucks, and even if he doesn’t, he’s not gonna make it to the NBA or probably even a D-1 NCAA school.

It’s not worth going to jail over…

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