Riley Green Teases Another New Song, “Drinkin’ Tonight,” & It Sounds Like A New Project Is In The Works

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Just drop ’em already, Riley Green.

Barely a day after teasing a brand new song called “Get Back Home,” Riley posted another clip of the studio version of a song we’ve never heard before called “Drinkin’ Tonight.”

A simple tune that finds Riley wondering where his ex might be out partying lately now that they’re over, it’s a bit of a different sound from him than we’re used to, but it’s pretty upbeat and super fun.

And with tomorrow being new music Friday, I wouldn’t be surprised to find one, if not both of them, on streaming services in the next 24 hours, similar to how he dropped his recent singles “Miles on Main” and “Wild Woman” last month.

Check out the new one:

In addition to the aforementioned new singles, Riley put out another new one back in May, “Hell Of A Way To Go.”

We already know he’s been in the studio working on something, and his debut studio album Different ‘Round Here dropped three years ago now back in 2019, so I’d be willing to go out on a limb and say we hopefully have an album announcement coming soon.

“Miles On Main”

Hell Of A Way To Go”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock