JJ Watt Covers Funeral Costs For Woman Selling His Shoes & Jersey To Raise Money For Her Grandpa’s Funeral

JJ Watt
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

JJ Watt may be one of the scariest defensive ends in all of the NFL, known for cracking skulls on the gridiron…

However, off the field?

He’s a big ol teddy bear, one of the good guys of football, and one of the best guys around.

Being selfless is nothing new for Watt, as we saw him pay funeral costs for the victims of the Waukesha Christmas Parade, where a man violently drove his car into the crowd and killed six people. And when Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area, he raised $37 MILLION dollars for relief.

He also donates proceeds from the sales of his signature Reebok shoes to military veterans.

All the way around, the man is class act.

Now, he’s back at it again.

A woman posted on Twitter that she was selling her JJ Watt shoes in order to help pay for her grandpa’s funeral.

She wrote:

“I have a pair of JJ Watt women’s edition of Reebok shoes size 9 $60. I’ve worn them twice.

They are great shoes, I’m only selling because we are raising money for my grandpas funeral. I also have a Watt womens XL Texans jersey $30. Anyone interested?”

With that being said, Watt saw the tweet, and proceeded to respond to the woman by saying:

“Don’t sell your shoes and jersey, we’ll help with the funeral.

I’m sorry for your loss.”

I’m not trying to go on a boomer rant or anything, but it’s great to see that there is still a number of professional athletes that are willing to go out of their way and be a good influence to the younger generation.

Much respect.

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