Jason Aldean Reacts To Awful Hometown Mural On The Side Of A Dollar General: “God Man… Is That How People See Me?”

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Jason Aldean’s hometown of Macon, Georgia has some explainin’ to do…

A photo of a new mural of Jason went viral a few days ago for the sheer fact that it is completely unflattering, and a pretty bad depiction of the country artist that’s now displayed on the side of a Dollar General in his hometown for all to see.

I mean, seriously, it looks like a dollar store version of Jason:

What’s even worse is that Jason’s most recent album Macon, Georgia, was named after the town, and this is how they lovingly repaid him. I mean, I don’t know who they commissioned to paint it, but it looks like whoever it was might not have chosen the best photo to replicate or doesn’t even know who he is.

But it sounds like Jason has a good sense of humor about the situation, as radio hosts Big D and Bubba called him earlier to get his thoughts on the matter.

While Jason was flattered with the idea that his hometown would paint a mural in his honor (who wouldn’t be?), he also admitted that it was a much less than flattering painting:

“I have no idea, I started seeing pictures of it popping up on Facebook, and then, I think my dad sent it to me, and he was like ‘Well this is cool, they just kinda did you dirty.’

The mural, you know, it’s weird, it’s like, obviously I appreciate the gesture and think that it’s a cool thing.

But when I looked at it, I was like, ‘God, man, is that how people see me?'”

I mean, that’s a fair question…

It looked more like one of those caricature paintings you get at the county fair than a professional mural or recreation of Beavis from Beavis & Butt-Head, if we’re being really honest:

“I don’t wanna offend the artist, but like I said, I do appreciate the gesture, but it’s like, gosh, man.

I saw a comparison today, they had the painting on the mural, and then they had a picture of Beavis from ‘Beavis & Butt-Head’ right beside of it.”

And if you’re gonna be remembered by your hometown because they’re so proud of all your accomplishments, you’d think they would make sure the mural is as true to your likeness as possible and doesn’t look like shit.

All I know is, if I’m Jason, I’m hand-picking an artist myself and commissioning a new painting for the side of that Dollar General…

You can listen to the whole conversation here:

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