Farmer Uses Thermal Scope To Take Out Hogs Destroying His Crops At Night

A group of animals stand in the snow

Atta boy.

These hogs a real problem… like a massive problem.

In Texas alone, they are a $400,000,000 problem. That is insane.

These animals breed insanely fast and rip up everything in their path. We’re talking crops, water sources, fences, equipment, native vegetation, fish populations… to say the very least, they are a massive nuisance to any location where they reside.

The only good thing about these hogs is that there’s only one really effective way to deal with them… hunting.

To minimize the damage, you need to reduce the population. This draws many states to create bounty programs to help create incentive to target them. Usually something like $5 a head, but it certainly adds to the fun of hunting. Especially when an animal usually runs it groups, it means a fella can a least pay for the ammo he’s shooting and get a feed out of it if he wants.

And there’s virtually no bag limits anywhere in the country. Night hunting is allowed… it’s open season.

This farmer decided to pull out all the cards for this hunt. He is out using thermal vision to target the beasts at night. It allows for better vision of the animals than during the day, meaning you can take far more out.

The video shows the farmer just firing away at group after group of hogs running wild on his farm.

It’s oddly satisfying and makes me want to try out a little thermal hunting.

I’m sure this farmer hates these hogs, but I’m sure that he has worse chores to do than hunting hogs at night.

Hopefully he was able to put a good dent in the population so he could keep on farming away in peace.

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