Big Ol’ Buck Takes Out Motorcyclist As It Jumps Across Road

A person riding a motorcycle on a road with a dinosaur statue on the side

This isn’t pretty.

That’s one of the things about a motorbike, if you hit an animal you just don’t have near the same protection as any other vehicle.

Hitting a deer in a car or truck isn’t something desirable, but it would be rare that it resulted in any serious injuries. Most of the time its just ends up with some damage, maybe a wrote off vehicle but not a wrote off person.

Even if with a close call its super dangerous on a bike. Any quick motion can have major consequences. That old saying goes its not if you get in an accident, it’s when with these things.

A mule deer weighs an average of 200 pounds and has massive pointy things on its head. I think its safe to say this is what nightmares are made of for a biker…

There’s a whole group of bikers going and the video is coming from someone’s helmet. As they ride along you see a deer run out. As it gets to the bikes it takes the leap of a lifetime as one of the bikers’ jerks and hits the ground.

“That was a huge buck”

On the slo-mo replay you can see that the buck doesn’t hit the man, it just causes him to move and wipe out hard. You can see pieces coming off the bike as the man slides on the pavement on his back.

Not a fun time.

At least the fella was alright and so was the deer…

That was a really nice buck, though.

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