Trio Chapel Hart Performs An Impressive Spinoff Song To Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” Titled “You Can Have Him Back Jolene”

Chapel Heart country music

This is the spinoff song we never knew we needed…

Last night on America’s Got Talent, sisters Danica and Devynn Hart, along with cousin Trea Swindle, walked on stage as the trio Chapel Hart, which they said the group name stems from a combination of their family name, and their hometown in Mississippi.

The trio announced that they would be playing an original song titled “You Can Have Him Back Jolene,” which is a spinoff song of Dolly Parton’s iconic 1974 hit “Jolene.”

Danica explained how the song came to be:

“We’ve always been country music fans, and Dolly is by far our favorite– Dolly for president. We just loved the song ‘Jolene’ and we loved the storyline, but we figured from 1973 to 2022, we could not be fighting over the same man, so we just decided to tell her, ‘You can have him Jolene.'”

The three then put together an impressive performance of an insanely catchy original tune with great harmonies, and a spinoff of one of the most iconic country songs of not only the ’70s, but all time.

After the performance, judge Simon Cowell was left in awe, saying:

“Trust me, I needed you today. That was fantastic. I love you.”

Danica responded with tears in her eyes, saying:

“Country music doesn’t always look like us.”

And Cowell responded right back:

“Sometimes you just got to break down that door, and you may have just broken down the door with that performance.”

The other three judges, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Sofia Vergara all agreed, sending their praise for the impressive performance.

Check it out:

And of course, we gotta play the original song as well:

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