Parker Ryan Drops New Single, “Stop Calling His Phone”

Parker Ryan country music

If you’re not listening to Parker Ryan yet, that needs to change fast, and his latest single “Stop Calling His Phone” would be a good place to start.

The young artist is a name everyone needs to know on the Texas country/rock scene. After the release of his debut album Talbert Street, Pt.1, Ryan hit the ground running and has since released another EP and his self-titled sophomore album, Parker Ryan.

With a diverse catalog that features several lyric-centric, stripped down ballads on the same albums as songs with air guitar warranting solos, Ryan does it all.

And his most recent release features the best of both worlds.

Here’s a look at the chorus:

“Stop calling his phone
It’s well known that you’re prone to pine for
Not being alone
There’s nothing I could say to change your mind
What did you expect
Had a wreck at breakneck now nothing’s the same
You’re thinking what’s next
There’s nothing that he wants to do to you
But waste your money and time…”

Check out “Stop Calling His Phone,” for yourself.

If you liked what you heard, here is my personal favorite song of Ryan’s.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock