Man Makes A GoPro Into A Bass Lure… And It Works

Yup, these folks are getting creative out here.

And I love to be here for it.

I can’t say I would be throwing a GoPro on the end off my line and risking losing it to the water, but if someone else wants to try it out I will watch every time.

I mean, it’s a pretty popular idea. We’ve seen the man strap one to a big ol’fish and another guy strap one to a turtle. That’s enough that makes me feel like there will be more pop up in the future.

The video shows some guy rigging up a lure with one treble hook placed at the base of the GoPro. One of them heads out and actually gets some good footage of a bass coming at the lure but not getting hooked onto it.

After the outing they revamp the lure and place two more hooks of the sides to increase the odds of hooking one.

They head back out for a fish and actually hook into a fish. The film is choppy as they fight it, but what a cool idea.

They end up landing a pretty decent largemouth, showing us all that you can use a GoPro as a lure… and well, the quality of the footage is another story. Maybe if they used one as a trolling lure, or like a crankbait, we might get to see a clearer picture of the attack.

Nevertheless, it does work.

Let’s all hope this springs some ideas into a fishing lure cam that can get awesome footage of fighting in some fish. You know, get one of those tiny CIA cameras on an actual lure… someone make it happen.

Cool stuff, boys.

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