Wild New Video Footage From Yellowstone National Park Exposes Insane Flood Damage

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It’s no secret that the big story surrounding Yellowstone National Park, deal with the numerous bison attacks on tourists that have occurred unusually close together.

Seriously, there was three that happened in one week, resulting in two people having to go to the hospital.

However, we can’t forget about the absolutely devastating and historic flooding the park suffered from back on July 12th.

The flooding was so severe, that it resulted in numerous mud slides, roads and bridges getting washed out, along with cabins as well.

The park was forced to evacuate all visitors, and briefly shut down for a period of time, as they try to clean up damage that could take years to fully recover from.

Nevertheless, the south loop of the park has officially been reopened, which features iconic landmarks and amenities like Madison, Old Faithful, Grant Village, Lake Village, Canyon Village, and Norris.

Although Yellowstone is attempting to return to normalcy, as 93% of their roadways, and 88% of their backcountry were able to reopen by July 13th, according to the National Park Service, the North Entrance Road and Northeast Entrance Road continue to remain closed to vehicle traffic as workers continue to clean up the flood damage.

With that being said, Yellowstone National Park recently released an intriguing video of the flooding that occurred on July 12th, and how those same areas look today.

Needless to say, they still have awhile to go.

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