Jason Aldean “Honored” With Beavis & Butt-Head Looking Mural On The Side Of A Dollar General In His Hometown Of Macon, Georgia

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What in the Sam hell is this?

It’s no secret that it’s a huge honor for celebrities to have some kind of statue, mural, image, etc. made of them in their hometown.

And why would it not be? That means you’ve made it far enough where your hometown is incredibly proud of you.

However sometimes, it’s not exactly… flattering?

Exhibit A: The statue honoring soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo at the Madeira airport.


And well… Jason Aldean just got the Ronaldo treatment.

This painting was done on the side of a Dollar General in Aldean’s hometown of Macon, Georgia, which couldn’t be more fitting since this pretty much looks like a dollar store version of Jason.

And it’s not just me being an asshole here, the entire comment section is getting a certain sense of familiarity looking at this mural…

It looks like a character straight out Beavis & Butt-Head.

The comments section on this I Love McDonough, Georgia Facebook post was getting all kinds of Butt-Head vibes from this masterpiece:

“Kinda looks like Butthead with a cowboy hat.”

“Looks like Beavis & Butthead; not at all Jason Aldean.”


“It looks like one of those fellers from Bevis & Butthead!”

“Looks like Beavis’s daddy.”

“Looks like Beavis and Butthead with a hat on! Oh My Gosh.”

“It’s like a combo of Beavis and Butthead.”

Others thought it was fitting:

“Honestly the caricature looks like his music sounds…”

“This was drawn by someone who clearly isn’t a fan.”

“It matches his music.”

“Well it’s fitting for the side of a Dollar General.”

“How fitting crappy music on a crappy dollar general.”

Seriously, if this was all my hometown had to remember my accomplishments, I’m not sure if I’d even care to go back. I mean, you name your last album, a double album, Macon, Georgia, and this is how they repay you?

Tough scene…

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