Putting Salt On Your Watermelon: Yes or No?

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Up until recently, I’ve never dried this, but I have enjoyed feta cheese and watermelon in salad. Never though anything of it. Always loved the sweet/salty combo.

Over the years, I’ve heard more and more people say “you gotta try putting a little salt on your watermelon – trust me.”

Summer is here, the watermelons will be appearing in big boxes at your grocery store entrances, and the Busch Light will be flowing while the sun shines.

The video below will perfectly describe how and why you want to put a touch of salt on watermelon, but to put it simply, it just makes the watermelon taste better. If you do any cooking, you use salt (I sure the hell hope), but rather than it being strictly used to “season,” it’s often used (as in baking) in small doses simply to enhance the flavors.

The result?

It’s like the best watermelon on steroids.

Some comments on YouTube mention a sprinkle of Tajín Clásico Seasoning for an added kick. Another said “My grandparents used to salt their melons, too, but I never understood why until now. Thanks for the science!”

Will you try this once and never look back or hate it? Let’s find out…

Twitter, as usual, is divided.

Give it a try.

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