Bodycam Shows SWAT Officer Pleading To Take Down Uvalde Shooter Within Minutes: “Dude, We Got To Get In There, He Keeps Shooting”

Uvalde Cops


We all saw the heartbreaking leaked footage of the cops inside Robb Elementary, the place of the mass shooting that left 21 victims dead in Uvalde, Texas.

In the video, you see the police standing around, checking their phones and using hand sanitizer, all while gunshots ring out and innocent lives are being taken just down the hall.

Not to mention, the police ran away when the shooter fired at them.

It almost makes you want to reach through your mobile device and yell:


It also didn’t help the fact that Uvalde mayor, Don McLoughlin, called the media “chicken” for leaking the footage at a city council meeting.

However, as frustrating as the leaked footage is, there is now body cam footage that gives us a clearer picture of what was happening in the halls of that school. And unfortunately, it’s no less infuriating.

We can hear one cop who was seen pleading with others to make a move on the shooter, over an hour before he was actually confronted and killed by police.

Bodycam footage shows SWAT chief, Sgt. Eduardo Canales, slowly walking in with his team through the halls of Robb Elementary, only minutes after the shooter Salvador Ramos entered the building.

He yells out:

“Watch that door! Watch that door!”

You can then hear shots being fired back at the team, and Canales says:

“F*ck– am I bleeding? Am I bleeding?”

He appeared to suffer some kind of graze wound, or perhaps a wound from flying debris after the shooter fired at the door. One of the other officers in the video is Rubin Ruiz, the school police officer whose wife, Eva Mireles, is a teacher in the school.

He says as Canales passes him:

“It’s my wife’s classroom.”

His wife was tragically killed.

As the group of police officers tries to regroup, you can hear Canales plead in the footage:

“Dude, we’ve got to get in there. We’ve got to get in there, he just keeps shooting. We’ve got to get in there.”

That’s when another officer can be heard saying that the Texas Department of Public Safety is “sending their people.”

Well… their people didn’t arrive in time, and when they did… it still didn’t matter.

More than 70 minutes later, officers finally stormed the classroom and killed the shooter. And throughout the whole situation, 911 calls were flooding in from children who were inside the classrooms.

Ruiz had also stayed on the scene, constantly checking his phone to receive updates from his wife, saying that children were being shot and were dying. And he wasn’t allowed to go into the classroom to try and rescue his wife.

DPS Director Steve McCraw said at a hearing last month that Ruiz made an attempt to storm the classroom and rescue his wife, but was detained by fellow officers, and had his gun taken from him.

“He was detained and they took his gun away from him and escorted him off the scene.”

Another officer, Uvalde County Sheriff Deputy Felix Rubio, who served two tours in Iraq with the Army National Guard, was seen on surveillance video crying as he was ordered to stay in the hallway while his 10-year-old daughter was killed in her classroom.

You can see other officers restraining him as he attempts to go towards the classroom.


The results of a preliminary investigation were recently shared in a press conference. The investigation concluded that there were lapses in preparation, training and judgment in response to the shooting.

Their 77-page report details the “multiple systemic failures” as well as “shortcomings and failures of the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District and of various agencies and officers of law enforcement.”

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