Wife Shoots Husband In The D*ck With Fishing Harpoon After He Goes Drinking With His Buddies

Harpoon lady

This right here is why you always make the right decision…

If your friends show up to go for a few wobbly pops and your wife is out at work, maybe think twice before you head out. If it’s your night to make dinner… make sure you’re home in the kitchen.

Especially, if that woman is well-versed in all things outdoors… whether it’s a rifle, bow, or yes, even a harpoon…

The Daily Star says this Thai man made the wrong decision and decided to take off for a few cold ones with his friends, before his wife got home.

He was supposed to wait up and make her supper for when she got home after a long day in the fields as a sugarcane collector.

Chanita Kuedrum, 43, waited up for, her husband who clearly returned hammered. When she saw this she shot him in the groin with a fishing harpoon.

This is why you keep the fishing stuff hidden away….

Yup, she hit him in the dick. Seventeen stiches…


His wife of 21-years shot him in the dick and then twisted the harpoon to inflict more pain.

Mooseeton was so drunk he didn’t get to the hospital until later the next day.

I mean, I understand why she was so angry. And by how drunk he was, I have a slight feeling this anger had been building up for quite some time, but to go full blown Captain Ahab on his Moby Dick? That’s savage…

Either way, she is very dangerous and obviously has incredibly good aim because everything points to the location hit to being the intended target.

Mooseeton added this to the matter.

“I will not return home for now until she cools down”

Gee, ya think? How about like… ever?

Gotta love the commitment though… for better of for worse, right? Well, I suppose not too much gets worse than a harpoon to the crotch. Good for them.

Oh, and here’s a little taste of what a harpoon gun can do:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock