Chris Colston Will Have You Ready For Fatherhood With New Single, “Boy Like Me”

Chris Colston country music

Yesterday, I was casually going along with my day, until I saw a lyric video from Chris Colston that absolutely wrecked my world.

The video was a teaser for his brand new single “Boy Like Me,” which dropped today.

It kicked off with Colston’s wife learning for the first time she was pregnant, and takes you through  Chris finding out, and the couple revealing the big news to their family all the way until their baby was born.

Sure enough, him and his wife had their baby Emersyn Ruth last month.

It’s a beautiful timeline, and it perfectly depicts the process of realizing you and your significant other are gearing up to take on parenthood.

The song is also a timeline within itself, as Chris sings about coming home to “two pink lines,” and how much their new baby has already changed him for the better, and even more so when she was born.

The lyrics say it all:

“Now those bucks, ducks, and bass on the wall
Are out in the shed and that room down the hall
Is set up for a little lady
All covered up in daisies
And I’m scared as hell but I can’t wait
To hold your hand and see your face
And baby girl, it’s crazy to think
That come this June, God will give a girl like you
To a boy like me”

Check it out:

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