Bald Eagles Try To Fight Off Mother Brown Bear Who Ravages Nest For Eaglets

Bears eagle Alaska

Survival of the fittest.

Here we have some incredibly rare and raw footage, of two of the most ruthless creatures in all of the wilderness.

We’re talking about a bald eagle, and a mother brown bear.

When it comes to protecting her cubs, mama bear is going to do whatever she can at all costs to keep them safe and healthy, until she lets them go off on their own after about 3 years.

With that being said, we have a mother brown bear with her cubs, who had just sniffed out a bald eagle’s nest.

Realizing the opportunity in front of her, she makes a move on the nest, even though there are a couple of eagles nearby. The pair of eagles do everything in their power to defend the eaglets in the nest, including swooping down in pairs and taking swipes at the bear.

Unfortunately for the nest, the bald eagles don’t appear to pose much of a threat to the mama bear, who ravages the nest while the eagles hopelessly circle above.

And according to the person filming, the eagles were devastated:

“We visited Katmai National Park in southwestern Alaska from June 5th to June 7th, 2018 and participated in activities very few people in the world are able to do. We stayed at a place called the Katmai Wilderness Lodge, where the guides are experts on grizzly bears and take you out to see them – VERY close.

On June 5th, we saw this mother grizzly and her cubs for the first time resting on the side of a cliff. We got some great photos and passed by her several more times throughout the day. On June 6th, however, we saw something very different. In a spot not too far from where she was the previous day, we saw an eagles’ nest on a dead tree on the side of a cliff.

Two eagles were sitting on it and the mother grizzly was very close to them. The grizzly bear and her cubs were eating grass right next to the nest, and the eagles were very frightened. They likely annoyed the bear too much, and she decided to attack the nest! She jumped right into the nest, and ate the eaglets that were inside.

Her cubs watched from a short distance away all while the mother grizzly bear was getting dive-bombed by the eagles flying above. All of the footage you see in this video was recorded by my father from the boat we were on. We were a mere 50-60 feet away from this entire battle, and it was such an incredible sight, it is likely we’ll never see this again.

Within two minutes, everything was finished, and the mother grizzly went on with her day back up the hill away from the nest. The eagles sat there in despair for several hours after their babies were eaten. By June 8th, the eagles abandoned their nest, and have not returned since. They have now learned their lesson to not make a nest within reach of a grizzly bear.”

Check it out:

Bald Eagle Swoops Down On Brown Bear, Takes A Swipe At Its Face

Eagles have been known to take down some pretty large prey.

I’ve seen them swoop in on small deer and dig their talons in, I’ve seen them divebomb a fish so big they could barely even get it to shore, I’ve seen them drag goats right off the side of a mountain.

Hell, I’ve seen a golden eagle in Asia actually swoop in on an 8 year old girl and try to fly away with her.

But a damn bear? That might be biting off a little more than it can chew.

My hunch is that there is probably an eagle nest nearby, and this bird is just sending a message to the brown bear.

But nevertheless, a pretty cool sight to see.

At it appears as though she went straight for the eyes, and who knows, with those sharp talons… maybe this bear is walking around with an eye patch these days.

Filmed near Naknek River, Alaska, you can hear the folks behind the camera stunned at the attack:

“WHOA, did you see that?”

Maybe it’s about time to book that trip to Alaska.

And while this is probably a pretty rare occurrence, it’s not unheard of.

This bear on Admiralty Island, near Juneau, Alaska, also got the message from a bald eagle with a nest in the area.

Unlike the other bear though, this fella saw the attack coming and was able to evade contact.

Bald Eagle Drowns Fawn In The Lake

Nature is brutal, man.

According to MeatEater, this video comes to us from Lake Noquebay in Marinette County, Wisconsin.

We can see a young whitetail fawn swimming in the shallow shoreline waters of the lake when a bald eagle drops in and lands right on its back. With its sharp talons piercing the back of the helpless fawn, the eagle pushes it deeper into the water, drowning its next meal.

“The eagle flew away after drowning the fawn and dragging it to shore.

The raptor returned to feed on the deer over the next four days until the only thing left was tufts of hair.”

And there was nothing left of that fawn…


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Bald Eagle Pulls Big Carp To Water’s Edge In Wisconsin Lake

Bald Eagles might be one of the most fascinating predators you can see in the wild.

Soaring high above everything, the powerful symbol of strength and freedom for entire country, I mean, it’s as majestic as a bird can be.

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to witness one hunting, you understand. They soar or perch high above, using incredible eye-sight, they swoop in and grab anything that is the target.

Their precision is simply amazing.

One of the only things that does not disappoint you when they out fish you, that’s for sure.

This video from Hayward, Wisconsin, shows something that I have heard stories of, but never have witnessed. A bald eagle gets a catch out of the water that is too big and fighting too much for it to take back off. Using it’s wings it beats its way through the water towards shore.

“Look at that big ass fish”

The eagle pulls up what looks like a large carp, and it’s easy to see why it struggled to fly and had to swim to shore. It was a large enough to feed more than this one eagle.

Hats off to the people who caught this on video, a once in a lifetime experience no doubt.

Here’s more the from the folks behind the camera:

“We were staying in a cabin in Hayward Wisconsin on the Chippewa Flowage. We were sitting in the living room with a view of the lake and noticed an eagle swimming towards our beach.

At first, I thought it was hurt but then it swam to shore with a 20-ound carp in its talons. It sat on the shore and ate the fish for a couple of hours and then came back in the morning and finished eating the Carp.

It was truly an amazing sight to see! I’m glad I was to capture it on film for others to enjoy.”

It never ceases to amaze the things wildlife do.

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