Little League Baseball Player Get’s Mic’d Up & It’s The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

A group of kids playing baseball

There might not have been a more electric time in youth sports that coach pitch baseball.

A few of the players are out there because their parents wanted them to in an effort to keep them from playing video games and Pokémon all day, others are out there trying to become the next MLB superstar, and the rest are stuck somewhere in the middle…

All while still trying to perfect the “alligator catch” (the real ones know what I’m talking about).

With that being said, Austin Bramley and Chad Hunt, who appear to be parents of a couple kids on the Sioux Falls, South Dakota eight and under coach pitch team, decided to hot mic a couple of kids to help us relive the glory days and simpler times.

Needless to say, it exceeded expectations by a million.

We hear all of the roasts, from:

“Parky darky?”

“Poopy land?”

“Pitchers gotta big butt!” (I’m impressed with the Rookie of the Year quote here)

Some sick one liners:

“It’s raining tacos from the sky! Nom, nom, nom. So yummy, in my belly.”

One kid was absolutely ruthless to another by saying:

“Haha your mom left you.”

And then, the most wholesome part of all, when of the players asks another:

“Are you playing at the playground today?”

Trust me, this is not something you’re gonna wanna miss. I mean, why are kids across the country not mic’d up in every league? This is quality entertainment.

Absolute CLASSIC:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock