Is It Even A Yankees Game If Fans Aren’t Fighting Each Other In The Stands?

A crowd of people in a stadium

We’re at that midway point in the MLB baseball season, where fans are starting to get a little more high strung, as we itch closer and closer to postseason baseball.

With that being said, emotions are running high, and in particular, in New York City where everybody seemingly hates each other (from an outsider’s view looking in).

The Yankees have dropped three out of their last four games, with two of them coming from their arch rival, the Boston Red Sox, and the lowly Cincinnati Reds, who were on pace to have the worst season in MLB history at one point this season.

Needless to say, Yanks fans haven’t been used to this so far this season, as they’re a mind boggling 62-26 so far, and easily the best team in baseball right now.

So, naturally, when you face adversity for the first time all season, fans don’t really know how to take it…

And that may have resulted in a few haymakers landing between a few Yanks fans while they were playing the Reds last night.

In the footage, you can see dude in a backwards hat pimp slap a guy wearing a camo Aaron Judge jersey.

Although his buddy tries to hold him back, the man can’t be restrained, and he returned the favor.

Next thing you know, it’s an all out brawl, with one dude even throwing wind mill punches on the smaller guy who came after Aaron Judge jersey guy.

Now THIS… THIS is the content we love to see.

Props to green shirt though, dude ate some punches and barely flinched. And you can tell he really didn’t want to fight, but once he got his hat knocked off (and then got popped in the face like he was the one who knocked off the other guy’s hat?), it was time to rumble.

However, you gotta feel for his buddy who tried to deescalate from the start, then tried to separate the guys and wound up eating two sucker punches from behind.

This angle gives you a better view… he was ready to just go home after that.

Just gets up and walks away… every man left behind…

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