Zach Wilson Finally Responds To Rumors That He Slept With His Mom’s Best Friend: “Poor Cell Service… What I Miss?”

Zach Wilson Jets

A couple days back, New York Jets quarterback and former BYU standout Zach Wilson was the face of the sports world…

And for not the reasons you would think.

Here’s a little run down…

Wilson’s ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile posted a picture on Instagram, announcing she was now dating current Washington Commanders wide receiver Dax Milne, who was also Wilson’s teammate and bestfriend at BYU.

Some people were commenting on the post saying she was a “homie hopper,” but she responded back by saying:

“He was sleeping with his moms best friend… that’s the real homie hopper.”

Yes, you read that correctly.

Not only did Zach Wilson (allegedly) bang a MILF, but it was his mom’s best friend, who is a smokeshow in her own right.

It was quite the backfire on Gile, as a number of NFL stars, including the great Chad Johnson, were calling Wilson “the GOAT” for the move. And for once, Jets fans are actually excited about their quarterback…

With that being said, Wilson has been pretty quiet during this whole ordeal.

However, he finally broke his silence, and posted on Instagram with a caption that reads:

“Took the boys to Gozzer Ranch in Idaho before camp! Poor cell service…what I miss?”


You know exactly what you did, Zach, and you’ve earned the respect of a ton of dudes across the country.

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