Irish Man Throws Trash Can At Marching Band, Immediately Gets Charged By Entire Band… Windows Smashed Out

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Back in our young and dumb days, one of my buddies thought it was a great idea to hide behind a bush near a road, and throw a rock at a car “for fun.”

However, that one rock he threw narrowly missed a Sheriff’s Deputy cruiser, and hit the breaks and came back around for us.

Next thing you know, the officer had us rounded up at a police car, brought in another officer from his squad with blue lights flashing, and they had us fully convinced they were about to throw us under the jail, and we all thought our lives were over because we were accomplices to our buddy, who we thought was gonna get the electric chair.

However, all we had to do was write a letter to the Sheriff, and nothing was put on our record (thank God), and I learned from a young age:

“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

Here we have another prime example of that saying, except these guys weren’t f*cking around.

Viral footage shows a parade, known as the Twelfth Parades (annual on the 12th of July), going through the Holyland area in Belfast, Northern Ireland, with the Bangor Protestant Boys Band playing in the middle of it.

Next thing you know, a dude sitting in his front yard (flying the Irish tricolour flag) proceeds to take a trash can, and chuck it at one of the band members.

Unless you’ve recently brushed up on your Irish history, this is lacking a bit of context, but this seems to be what’s going on here.

And another explanation…

Boy, he done messed up…

Because the whole band proceeded to gang rush him, and he ran into the house scared like a child. It didn’t end there either, as another band member returned the favor by throwing the guy’s bigger trash can into dude’s window.

An Orange Order member looks like he tried to get the band member to carry on, but the damage was done.

Arrested? He’s lucky he didn’t get his face rearranged.

According to BelfastLive, law enforcement has arrested the 46-year-old culprit, and Chief Superintendent Darrin Jones shared in a statement:

“We have arrested a 46-year-old man on suspicion of a range of offences including assault and disorderly behavior.”

He added:

“Detectives are currently investigating other potential offences and persons.”

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